Bangkok: Granny’s Bike Shed – 9/10 – 300B
Amazing hostel run only for cyclists by the wonderful Parm and Neemo. Very comfortable and homely and the hosts could not possibly be more helpful. An absolute Bangkok must for cyclists.

Ayutthaya: Kong Homestay – 7/10 – 500B double room apartment
Comfortable, air con, fridge and central to town and night market.

Pho Tong: Bang Chao Cha Village – 6/10 for comfort, 9/10 for experience and location – 120B p/person
Homestay is pretty basic in itself but the village is really something very cute. Ask in Pho Tong for homestay and its off road. No English spoken AT ALL but a wonderful experience because of this. No internet!

Sankhaburi: Don’t know name but ask for homestay resort (it’s the only one) – 600B double room apartment – 8.5/10
Looks like has been drawn as a cartoon holiday resort. Very comfortable and welcoming in a confused way to foreigners. Town is lush.

Uthai Thani: Pibunsook Hotel – 500B double room – 6.5/10
Looks like a 1960’s Soviet Clockwork Orange filmset inside, but comfortable enough with air con and very close to nice town on the river.

Nakon Saweng: Wangpla Villa Resort – 590B p/double room – 9/10 comfort & amenities, 6/10 location
Looks like an industrial area when you arrive, but the hotel is a lush little haven. Amazing English speaking staff, very comfortable with air con, fast wifi and there is a very cheap launderette and AMAZING Thai massage place over the road.

Khanu Woralaksaburi: River Green Resort – 400B p/double room – 8.5/10 
Found by freak accident on the way to another hotel (Yung Thong 24H) about 19km north of Banphot Phisai along the left side of the river. What a nice surprise. Signed in Thai with a blue picture of a house and takes you down a drive way onto really lovely villas with air con and plush outdoor shower right onto the river Ping.

Kampheang Phet: Three Js Guesthouse – 450B p/double room – 7/10
Pretty good for the price in a town with at least some tourists. Decent enough wifi with small but okay enough rooms. Outdoor space at the hotel is nice and you can hire motorbikes. The town itself is pretty nice and there is a bunch of stuff to do inc visit the Historical Park for ancient ruins, hot springs spa and some waterfalls approx 40km away.

Tak: Domethong Guesthouse – 480B twin room – 7/10
The actual hotel is very clean and the rooms decent for the price. No English spoken but very smiley 🙂 However it is tucked behind a mega highway so the location isn’t exactly relaxing. Mega massive Tesco and chain stores over the road (highway) so is certainly convenient to stock up on supplies, esp if planning to cycle up any hills.

Mae Sot: Raimaneethip Homestay – 750B double room inc breakfast – 9.5.10
Just outside of town this place is tucked away in the countryside and offers a nightime blanket of cricket sounds, a swimming pool and a farm you can wander around and stare at cabbages. Really lovely and friendly, if a little confused staff.


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Jacked in London to cycle SE Asia for a while. I'll capture my experiences here. How long will I last? It's bloody hot and I already want a cup of tea.

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