Yangon (rest days)
Spent three very leisurely days in the capital Yangon soaking it all in and generally being quite lazy. None of this is in any particular time order, apart from first things first was to get my bike seen to as I’d had a persistent click in the gears that wasn’t shifting despite being looked at by myself and other bike shops. This took me to the famous Bike World run by Jeff who kindly took myself and another woman tourer for a cup of tea and talked us through all the possible routes in Myanmar. One of the clicks was just some dirt in my pedal threads (silly me) and the second was misalignment of the derailleur which they sorted in no time. I repayed the favour by buying a UK priced new cycling jersey to diversify my sporting wardrobe. It is bright yellow and I look like one of those people in lycra and I like it. 


The remaining days were spent wandering around mostly the old town area, which is absolutely bustling and heaving with activity. It is a real mix of cultures, eras and activities, with a distinct China Town area, Indian curry sold all over the place, distinct colonial architecture, tourist and ex-pat oriented stuff, dockyards and lots and lots of traffic. It was colourful but drab and a bit tired at the same time. I really liked Yangon.


See the temperature…
Really want to know what these are all over the place. Like monk postcards?

Outside the home of Aung San Suu Kyi where she led a democratic revolution while under house arrest for many years

Perhaps the most interesting part of the city was the story the architecture told of the city’s history and the pace of change in Myanmar at the moment. Such a mix of old and new side by side. 



Former government office where General Aung San was shot and killed


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