What a lot of wats

Bangkok is rammed with history and is fascinating for the side by side living of beautifully preserved Buddhist temples (temple = a wat) with all the trappings of cosmopolitan life. 

Wat Traimit
A stunning start to sightseeing at Wat Traimit, home to a 5.5 tonne top quality gold Buddha statue that was only discovered when a less revered plaster statue was dropped and cracked to reveal pure gold beneath. Imagine how much shit you’d be in for dropping it if there wasn’t a gold statue inside. It was really, really shiny and beautiful craftspersonship. There was also air conditioning in the museum which was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Stunning Wat Traimit reaching to the sky

5.5 tonne gold Buddha at Wat Traimit

The Golden Mountain
Often overlooked on the tourist trail, but the Golden Mountain is a hidden pearl. A short walk to the top gives stunning 360 degree views around Bangkok – binoculars would be wonderful. 

Tale of two cities and all that.


Camera went freaky. Reminds me of the castle in the sky in Wizbit (for the over 30s in UK)
The temple is in active use by monks. New monks were being inducted and each given a plastic box of clothes and simple toiletries (Head & Shoulders). Wanted to take a pic obvs but thought that would be too weird. So I just took a picture of their clothes instead.

Monks orange robes.

Wat Pho
Wat Pho was a real treat and definitely worth a visit. It’s much quieter and cheaper the neighbouring Grand Palace which has more tourists than air particles. Photos here really do not do it justice. It is an amazing complex of many beautiful temple buildings.


Incredibly ornate and distinctive architecture. So many temple spires so close that I couldn’t get into shot.


Ceiling design at Wat Pho
Distinctive yellow, green, red combination of temple roofs

The temple is most famous for an ENORMOUS reclining Buddha. Here I am wearing a jazzy lime green ‘modesty cloak’ for women because my shoulders and knees are just too fit. Men’s shoulders and knees fine obvs.


The outskirts of the temple grounds provides accomodationfor monks



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