Laters London

No surprises, but despite getting all freaky about to do lists I ran out of time and wasn’t packed up and ready to go until midnight before my 6am taxi to Heathrow. Added to several 3am finishes in the preceding days of farewells I was a little worse for wear to say the least. But all was well and I had plenty of time on the flight to Mumbai and then Bangkok to catch up on z’ds. 

Got to Heathrow with plenty of time and had a surprisingly beautiful sunrise over the streets of Hounslow on my way there to get the trip started. Feeling smugly light with just my bike boxed up and a couple of panniers. 

6:45am face

Heathrow airport actually scooping me up to send me away

All smooth through the airport, apart from the airline insisiting I lay my bike out flat despite everything I’d been told that it should stay upright. Plus I’d bought a marker pen especially to put arrows all over the box. 

A short farewell phone call to me mam (who didn’t even cry wtf) and I’m away!



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