Getting ready

I think I may have enjoyed packing a little bit too much, or at least organising things into this grid. In particular I developed a worrying fondness for zip lock plastic bags. I wonder if I will maintain this level of organisational joy when I’m on the road 😉

I had pretty much no knowledge or experience of cycle touring and planned this trip over about ten weeks. There’s a hell of a lot to learn and it took many, many hours on the internet and in bike shops to learn the basics on everything from bikes, to kit, to destinations. Pretty sure I’ll have forgotten some real clangers and will learn some lessons very quickly, but I’m happy that this is at least a sensible starting point. If I’ve forgotten something, then I guess I’ll just work it out on the way…

All of this was fine. Apart from partially deconstructing my bike to get it into the bloody bike box. Which took almost four hours and a fek of lot of swearing. Note to new cycle tourers – for the love of god get someone to help you please. It  really shouldn’t be that difficult but it bloody well is the first time. 


Surly Long Haul Trucker
Metal touring pedals
Power grips
Bungee cords
Bungee net
3 x bottle cages (2 x large size)
26 x 1.75 touring tyres
Strong rack
Cross Dry Twist panniers
Dry bags 1 x 20l, 1 x 10l, 2 x 5l, 1 x 2.5l
Handlebar bag with map reading cover
Bike helmet
Cycling gloves

Tool kit
Topeak Alien II multitool
15mm pedal wrench
Gear cable set
Brake cable set
Pliers (buy in Bangkok)
2 x puncture repair kit
2 x spare inner rube
Strips of inner tube rubber
Topeak Road Morph G hand pump with gauge
Tyre levers
Head torch
Chain links
Brake pads
3x spokes
Cable ends
Bolts, nuts washers
Elastic bands
Cable ties
Duct tape (buy in Bangkok)
Electrical tape
Sea grip glue
Old toothbrush
Chain lube
Grease for components

Hiking trainers (double as cycling shoes)
Flip flops
Cycling shorts x 2
Cycling socks X 3
Buff X 3
Waterproof jacket
Vests / t-shirts x 2 (buy in Bangkok)
Shorts for non-cycling X 1
Skirt x 1
Light weight trousers X 1 (buy in Bangkok)
Lightweight long sleeved shirt x 1 (buy in Bangkok)
Sleeping clothes

First aid kit
Malaria tablets for neccesary regions (buy in Bangkok)
Small ammount of water purifaction tablets (buy in Bangkok)
Mosquito repellant
Sun cream
Sterile pads
Micropore tape
Antisceptic spray
Antisceptic cream
Antifungal cream
Deep heat
Paracetamol and ibuprofen
Cool forehead patch things
Rehydration sachets
Diarrhea tablets
Eye drops
Antihistamine tablets
Antihistamine cream
Two sets of latex gloves
Safety pins

Useful things
Hair bobbles
Hard copy map of Thailand/Myanmar to get started
Sleeping bag liner
Mosquito net
Compressible pillow
Travel towel
Chamois cream
SE Asia guide book
Reading book
Small pencil case
Small note pad
Small sewing kit
Zip lock plastic bags

Iphone and charger
Cheap distance tracker
Old phone and charger
External battery


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