Bangkok I don’t hate you but I only like you a little bit

Bangkok by all accounts is supposed to be a bit marmite. It’s fascinating. I’m glad I was there and I think I left before I started hating on the place, but I’m in no hurry to go back. Apart from I have to go back to start my cycling in three weeks. 

First thing – it is MASSIVE and makes London look like Swindon in comparison.

Panoramic from the top of the Golden Mountain temple. Note the clash between classic rooftops and temples and the mega metropolis spanning the horizon.

I was led to believe it would be frentic and chaotic like a sort of real life SE Asian Bladerunner with more fried things for sale, and it’s certainly hectic, sensory and especially colourful but not to the extent I was expecting. It’s more that there’s nowhere to rest and pause in peace, rather than it is too full on. It looks like it’s moving at a dramatic pace but actually pretty much everyone moves really slowly. Magic? Think it’s a place to visit, whether you like it or not.

First day was a wipeout with the time difference and sleep deprivation after previous nights living my London life at karaoke and a casino (no gambling, but still). Plus christ alive it’s hot. Threw my jumper and jeans away already. Slept. Slept some more.  Then went out and at my first kick ass noodles for about 80p and did my first bit of sightseeing by putting my sunglasses on and staring at all the other people like me. Tourists everywhere and none seemingly as sweaty as me. Magic? 

Tourists eat food wearing trousers and vests made for tourists they all bought from the same shop around the corner (I already have some too, sorry)

Spent much of the next few days walking and walking taking it all in and marvelling at just how huge it is. Post on temples and tourist attractions to follow. Highlights include China Town, the incredible temples and a sun shading river boat ride for 25p (48 Baht) that took 1.5 hours because I went the wrong way.

Amazing market in China Town you could get lost in. Most frequently spotted items inc jewellery, ample exciting tupperware, fascinating food stuffs and fuck loads of shiny party decorations.


First tuk-tuk. See his licence photo at the top from his younger years. Reckon he know’s his way around by now

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